How to Use the Law of Attraction to Find Business Success

Learning to work with the law of attraction in order to find business success is an excellent way to focus your ability to work with this universal law for the goals and desires you’ve set out for yourself. Here are a few steps to take that will get the ball rolling with your business success through law of attraction.

1. Start by finding all the attributes and qualities of your business and the product or services you provide. Focus your attention on the positive side of what you have to offer. You don’t have to offer one-of-a-kind or completely unique products or services, that isn’t realistic. Just focus on the qualities of what you are promoting.

2. Focus on why your business should be successful and what part you play in that equation. Your own unique voice is enough to set you a part from any other business person. You are unique. Whether you sell your accounting services or car insurance, your own life experiences have made you unique. You can still provide the same quality accounting services and insurance (those factors won’t change much) so focus on how coming doing business with you is fun, unique or satisfying.

3. Write out how your customers or clients will benefit by doing business with you. The more you focus on the benefits that will satisfy your customer’s needs, that all-imposing question: What’s in it for me, the more success you’ll find. That is a universal business law: cater to the customer’s needs always!

4. Begin describing the type of customers and clients you would like to attract to your business. What kind of qualities and characteristics do they have that you’re looking to find in a customer/client. If you aren’t getting the success you desire from the existing customers, then define what your ideal customer looks like, thinks like and buys like. Focusing on problem customers will just bring more of those headaches your way.

5. Begin planning on paper how you are going to use the money. Imagine that this success is already flowing into your business, how are you going to use the money? What kind of investments are you going to make: more personnel, more things to increase productivity, bigger offices or shop for expansion, new products, pay off debts and loans? Start spending that money energetically, not physically. Just get in the mindset of a successful business manager when it comes to finances.

6. Stop worrying. This is a key tip. When you worry you put way too much of your energy in the possible problems that could arise. Remind yourself that if you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. So why not focus on what you want to see rather that focusing on crazy scenarios of all the possibilities that could go wrong. You’ll drive yourself crazy and waste your precious energy that you could be using to find business success.

All success starts with you whether it’s in business or life in general. Your attitude, your mindset and of course your actions reflect how you feel about success. When you feel successful and you speak successfully of yourself and your business, the law of attraction will bring it to your front door.

Local Search, Social Media and Mobile Marketing: The Future of Internet Marketing for Small Business

The marketing and advertising landscape for small business owners has changed and it continue to evolve.The Internet has changed how small businesses market and advertise their business This change is largely being driven by Facebook and Google and several other large companies. As a small business owner, you may just want to follow where the big boys are taking you.

Why Major Companies View the Local Business Market as Their Next Frontier?

Let me give an example. Groupon is a fantastic success story. This is a huge and successful business that focuses exclusively on helping local businesses grow their business. Groupon works with local businesses and offers the business’s coupons. The business will honor the coupon if enough people are willing to purchase them. Groupon leverages their massive memberships to assist local businesses advertise and grow by publishing these types of coupons.

Plus, they use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. Groupon has so much potential, that Google offered to buy them for $6 Billion! They said no to this offer! Groupon has grown immensely in two short years. They now have 40 Million subscribers, up from 1.5 Million last year and 400,000 the year prior. They employed 124 people in December 2009. In November 2010 they had 3,100 employees. They ran Super Bowl commercials and their TV ads are becoming more common place.

Furthermore, Facebook is implementing a similar service in Facebook Places. Google recently said that 2011 should be its biggest hiring year. While they did not disclose figures, Google’s previous record was in 2007, when they added nearly 6,200 new employees worldwide. Facebook, with more than 2,000 employees is growing at close to 50 percent annually. This summer, it’s moving from Palo Alto, California to a 57-acre site that can accommodate 3,600 employees. Can you see some ‘writing on the wall’ here?

Compare these trends to some of the older forms of advertising. These traditional methods of advertising are losing their effectiveness because of the impact that the Internet is having on people:

Newspapers: People do not read newspapers anymore! They get the majority of their information on the Internet.

Phone Directories: The have been declining rapidly. Where is Yours? I dread the day my phone directories are delivered. They go right into the recycle bin. I have despised this waste for years.

TV: Along comes the DVR & TiVo. It used to be that we had to sit through every commercial. Every notice how the audio on commercials rises? Advertisers realize that people are leaving the room during their commercials. Nice try! Now, we don’t have to watch the commercials

Telemarketing: This was virtually destroyed with the “Do Not Call List!” I know, I was in the life insurance industry when these laws were passed. Now, telemarketers have to have permission to call a home phone number.

Direct Mail: I have used it extensively. At best, I only realized a 1-2 percent yield. That is not very effective.

Print Ad: Just too expensive

Yellow Pages ( Even the phone directory companies are taking their advertising online. But this still costs $75/monthly in my zip code.

Valpak: These still appear in my mailbox monthly. I usually toss them in the recycle bin. However, I finally decided to do some research. I found the cost to advertise with Valpak and I learned what types of small businesses were advertising in Valpak. Valpak Advertising Costs: There are 50,000 homes that they send their advertisements to. The basic cost is $350-$450 for a one time mailing to 10,000 homes. Conceivably, these small businesses are paying $1,700-$2,200 per month for the full package.

Many Small Businesses Have the Advertising Budget! They Simply Lack the Knowledge of How Best to Use it!

Yet small businesses owners are challenged by some of the new Internet marketing techniques that are available to them. Here are just a few:

  • Local Search Marketing: Google Places, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Facebook Fan Pages, and Twitter
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile websites
  • Mobile Text Marketing: Text messaging
  • Web Conferencing
  • Local Lead Generation

And, perhaps just having a basic small business website that is truly optimized for the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing). These marketing techniques are the wave of the future! And, the future is now! Small business owners need to take a hard look at how these various services can best fit into their business advertising budget to improve their return on investment. Plus, the Internet offers a viral effect that is sure to provide additional value in the future. After all, what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet.

Best Ideas For A Home Based Business

Ideas For A Home Based Business

An extra income from a home based business won’t hurt especially if you earn more through it than your full time job.

Many Americans decide to just focus on their ventures to make sure it will reach their target and what they have invested will turn to ashes. Unfortunately, however you focus without really knowing what to do will just result to failure. Equipping your self with home based business operation is the answer to success.

But have you ever wondered why even the wisest minds in entrepreneurship sometimes fail? Ironic it is, but even the most brilliant minds do not venture to home based business that easily. They choose laboratory over lucrative businesses. A real smart person knows what to do and what to pursue.

If you are still having doubts in the type of home based business to pursue, here are some suggestions that according to experts can be the next big thing in the next 20 years.

1. Web management service

Yahoo rates this as one of the top 10 home businesses for the next few decades. As the Internet expands and does not seem to stop for the next century, the demand for web content services does not have any way but up.

By offering services such as technical writing, web content writing, graphics designing, webmaster services and virtual office management, you can earn more than a full time employee in the same field. You just need to be computer savvy, an able computer or two with necessary applications and software’s, connections and ability to give what is being asked of you. You can also do manpower pooling if the demand increases.

2. Specialty baking and cooking

As technology gets more complicated by the minute, the health consciousness of Americans also jumped at a significant rate in the past decade. The demand for healthier foods and more artistic presentations are projected to skyrocket starting this decade.

Foods are staples and for as long as human continue to eat; you will have the chance to grab that niche market.

3. Fitness training

Offering your own knowledge in a certain field is probably the cheapest way to do a home based business. As you have your whole time allocated according to your will, you can earn more without spending the whole day for it. Training services include yoga coaching, workout and sports training and even diet coaching.

4. Cleaning service

Modern appliances make cleaning an easy task compared to how you did it a few decades ago. However, the time a family can allot to their cleaning responsibilities also decreases making laundry businesses and housekeeping services thrive. Almost all kinds of cleaning services can be offered so better choose now to start that home based business.

5. Technical repair service

Everybody has a cellphone, computer, music player and other gadgets. The boost in demand of these products also increases the demand in repair services. Microsoft Company is even reportedly planning to train people for catering to Microsoft-related problems. Remember that warrantee expires. That is where you enter the picture.

6. Mentoring, Coaching And Training

In today’s modern world more and more people are now turning to the Internet looking for ways to make some extra cash or even a full time living. But the majority fail, the reason is because they have no formal training on how to run a business online. The people that have success online are the ones that find a good mentor or coach to get some training. Once you have the knowledge behind you on how to run a home based business, you can then offer your knowledge at a price.

Anybody can start an online home based business these days, but it does not mean you will make money. So your job would be to point them in the right direction, show them how to get targeted traffic to their website, then turn that traffic into leads, then turn the leads into an income, in other words mentor them on how to market their business. This type of home based business is priceless.